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Monthly Archives

XvT WoW comes to an abrubt stop! Posted 6/28/2002 by Flake 

Right on time, I spose :)

Well it was better than usual, but still not good enough. LSF failed to make the top 5, just making 6th spot comfortably.

Some single notables to mention would be Biggs who kicked butt all the way into 18th spot overall despite minimal WoW time. Flake kicked the most butt making 5th spot, just surrendering 4th to BOSS_DarkRider in the dieing hours of the war. Very honorable mention to Avenger, danny and DoocFortune who posted 10+ games :)


Flake - 52 games
Biggs - 33 games
danny - 29 games
DocFortune - 15 games
Avenger - 11 games
various - under 10 games


-Stick Jockey

P.S. We have a new one WoW games record, people. My good friend TFA_Specter gunned out 238 games, beating the previous record by 3. Congrats buddy :)

GBC/CC WOW VII Result Posted 6/26/2002 by Tango1 

hey all

I just give you a quick report on the last GBG/CC WOW VII and how well LSF did.

LSF got 6th place with 6 only players and with 22 games reported. None of our player made to the top 50 since we fail to get that many games to make it.

However our game win/loss ratio is great! We had a win/loss ratio of 2.67 (meaning we win 2.67 games before we lose one game)

Now here is the list of player with their record.
Player| game win/loss|

Ghent| 3-0

Alan| 0-1

Biggs| 0-1

Lien| 2-2

Tango1| 7-1

Waishing| 4-1

I hope we get more match and player for next time guys.

New Trailers Posted 5/23/2002 by Baal 

Here some more goodies for us all to drool over Lucasarts has added trailer movies to some of their games so I provided links for the ones that might interest us :)

SWG Trailer here

KotOR Trailer here

Bounty Hunter Trailer here

The Clone Wars Trailer here

E3 Madness Posted 5/23/2002 by Baal 

For those who do not know E3 is the major Game Developer Confrence of the year alot of companies use E3 to showcase new games and to announce new ones as well during this time we get alot of info on the games direct from the developers and the publishers. So hope you enjoy reading the goodies.

Star Wars Galaxies E3 Previews

Gamespy SWG E3 Preview

Gamespot SWG E3 Preview

Knights of the Old Republic E3 Previews

GamesDomain KotOR E3 Preview

Gamespy KotOR E3 Preview

New StarWars Galaxies Shots Posted 5/20/2002 by Baal 

The official site for Lucas Arts' Star Wars Galaxies has been updated with several new screenshots for the PC version. The PC, PS2, and Xbox MMORPG should hit store shelves early next year

SWG for Consoles Posted 5/20/2002 by Baal 

I saw this posted on

LucasArts today announced that its upcoming massively multiplayer role playing game Star Wars Galaxies would be cross developed on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox as well the PC.

SAN RAFAEL, Calif.--May 20, 2002--LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC today announced its intent to develop versions of the company's highly anticipated first game of its Star Wars(R) Galaxies(TM) online series for Xbox(TM) Live and PlayStation(R) 2. Specific release dates for the Star Wars Galaxies-branded massively multiplayer games for the two next generation console platforms will be announced at a later time. This December LucasArts will release a Windows PC version of the game, developed by Sony Online Entertainment, titled Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided(TM).

The Star Wars Galaxies online game series is designed to immerse literally thousands of players into the rich Star Wars universe. The series will feature dynamic role-playing adventures across multiple planets during the classic Star Wars timeframe. Game play will offer a unique combination of combat, exploration, social interaction, specialized missions, and daring quests.

"The ultimate goal with these versions of Star Wars Galaxies is to solidify LucasArts' position at the forefront of the emerging online console game genre, and we're confident this strategy will do just that," says Randy Breen, vice president of development for LucasArts. "By offering the Star Wars Galaxies series on video game consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation 2, LucasArts will be able to bring this eagerly awaited game to an entirely new audience of players who previously may not have had an opportunity to experience it."


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