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Welcome to the Last Starfighter League

The Last Starfighter League is among the most enduring Star Wars Multi-Player internet gaming leagues. Unlike many of the SW leagues, LSF enjoys the benefits of a strong role-playing heritage. We are divided into several distinct factions that play all of the SW multiplayer games (shown on the left). These factions represent some of the major and minor military and political groups found in George Lucas's Star Wars series. Whether you are an Officer of the Imperial Navy, a starfighter pilot in the Rebel Alliance, a Jedi Knight, Sith Lord, Army Ground Commander, Bounty Hunter, Pirate or Mercenary, you will find it all and more within LSF.

LSF & Star Wars Galaxies

Star Wars Galaxies has the potential (we still don't know if it will) to deliver a depth of gaming that could be unrivaled with any SW game released yet. LSF is the proud home of 2 "Player Associations" for SWG: The LSF Resistance and the LSF Imperial Order. We wont be taking much of an active role in SWG until the game is released, so don't expect to see much activity. However, if you are wanting to join our SWG ranks, please visit us in our chat room and get to know us. Or try and get a hold of the CO or XO of the PA you are looking to join.


The Rebel Alliance.
Born from the ashes of rebellion these brave pilots, soldiers and Jedi Knights fight against the oppressive embrace of the Empire and the Dark Side to bring back the tradition of the Old Republic. The Alliance continues it's fight against tyranny to free the Galaxy.

The Galactic Empire.
The Empire represents the government of the galaxy struggling to bring order to the population while serving it's own tyrannical needs. Loyal and dedicated pilots, Stormtroopers and Sith Lords serve their Emperor to restore order to the stars.

Ghost Legion.
Scoundrel's, pirates and brigands have banded together under one leader to form a Legion of warriors, a Ghost Legion. Dedicated to profit and adventure Ghost Legion comes like a thief in the night to prey upon the weak and unwary.

So are you ready for a life of adventure?
The navigation side bar has links to the web sites of the LSF Factions; feel free to surf the galaxy and learn more. Or Just sign up now by selecting the Join LSF link on the upper left. You will be required to select a faction through this process. So what are you waiting for? Adventure awaits!

and May the Force be with You...

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