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LSF Chain of Command.

LSF Command Staff
  • Admiral Ghent - LSF Founder, Owner and Commanding Officer

    LSF Executive Officer(s)
  • Captian Zorro - LSF Executive Officer
  • Pallos - LSF Executive Officer

    LSF Rebel Alliance Faction Leaders:
  • President Archangel - Rebel Alliance CO
  • Grand Jedi Master Ice - Jedi CO
  • Fleet Admiral Sigi - CO of the Alliance Navy
  • Commodore Tango1 - Defender Wing CO
  • Vice Admiral Starfire - Saber Wing CO

    LSF Galactic Empire Faction Leaders:
  • Emperor Cauley - Empire CO
  • Grand Admiral Aeropagitica - CO of the Imperial Navy
  • Field Marshal Baal - CO of the Imperial Army
  • Dark Lord of the Sith Chief - CO of the Sith forces
  • Grand Moff Elladan - Persec Division Officer

    LSF Ghost Legion Faction Leaders:
  • Warlord Starhawk - Ghost Legion CO

    LSF Server Administrators: (non-command post)
  • Archangel
  • Ghent

    Activities Team: (non-command post)
  • Brakiss- LSF BSC Co-ordinator
  • Stryker - assisant LSF BSC Co-ordinator
  • Red9 - assistant LSF BSC Co-ordinator

    Awards Division: (non-command post)
  • Sigi
  • CrimsonFury

    Galactic Librarian: (non-command post)
  • Katha Sagara

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