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Joining LSF - Ghost Legion

To new recruits:

Ghost Legion needs sentiants who are ready to fight for Profit & Adventure & do it on a weekly basis. The Legion is seeking X-wing vs Tie Fighter & X-Wing Alliance Pilots and JK'ers.

The Galaxy is Rich! & LSF enjoys a regular campaign where Ghost Legion enjoys playing the role of a Pirate Legion.

The Galaxy is a place of vast wealth and treasure, Both the Empire and the Rebel Alliance not to mention others hoard this wealth for there own foolish crusades. We must Liberate it lining our pockets bringing us glory and having loads of fun.

The Universe is not a nice place
The Galaxy is big, and your all alone in it. The Government of the Empire doesn't care about you, the rebels only want to enlist you in a pointless struggle. Pirates look after thief own we know that no one else will. Join Ghost Legion and be among friends, sentiants just like you.
Looking after Number One
Want to feel safe, know where home is and be among others like you who know we got to look out for Each other. Ghost Legion, one big pirate family where a friend is always watching your back.

Ghost Legion has a few Standard Requirments of it's members. You should read these basic requirements for membership and ask your self if your willing to do these things.

1.) Ghost Legion members need to attend their Unit Training session each week & play a minimum of 1 match (xvt/xwa or jk) per week or they will be considered inactive and removed from our rosters and GL & LSF. We don't do this out of spite or malice but because GL doesn't want to end up like one of the many inactive empty leagues that seem to perpetuate the zone and other places. Ghost Legion members need to be active and willing to participate and participating means playing the games regularly.

2.) Ghost Legion members NEED to down load (if they haven't already) both ICQ & mIRC for communications purposes. Links to these FREE down load sites will be supplied if you join. But you must be willing to down load and install them, we will assist you to set them up once you have got them.

Fill out the following LSF Ghost Legion Recruitment form and begin looking after yourself. Make sure to include your details as asked please. If you have any trouble sending the form please email Warlord Eagle directly at

Character Name
Enter the name your character will go by. (This can and often is your real name)

Your Callsign
Your callsign is your nickname in which you will be called most of the time. All members of LSF use callsigns.

Email Address
Please read the following or your register form may be lost:
  1. Please put an email address here, some people have forgotten to and there is no way to get in contact with you if you don't.
  2. If you are on AOL, use your entire email address not just your screen name
  3. If there is a space in your email name "Lone" for example, do NOT put the space in, write it like
Age (optional)
ICQ # (optional)
AIM (optional)
Where are you from?
Americas Europe/Africa Australia/Asia Pacific
Gender (optional)
Where did you hear about the Last Starfighter League?

If you were recruited by another member, (someone else told you about this) write who recruited you here:


Other Skills you can offer?

HTML skills
CGI skills
Flash skills

Your connection to the internet?
28.8 modem or less
33.6 modem
56k modem
Single or Dual ISDN
T3 or better

Games Owned
X-Wing vs. TIE-Fighter
X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter: Balance of Power
X-Wing Alliance
Jedi Knight (Dark Forces 2)
Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith
Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast (Not Released yet)
Force Commander
Galactic Battlegrounds
Star Wars Galaxies (Not Released yet)
Choose Your Assignment!

Note: If you wish you can join multiple units.
Navy Unit (XvT, BoP, XWA)
Ground Forces Unit (JK)
Other (Rebellion, Force Commander)

Send your Registration

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