October 2001

Galactic Battlegrounds has gone GOLD!!!!! Posted 10/24/2001 by Baal 

Battlegrounds which was just approved for manufacturing, should hit store shelves the week of November 12th.

The new official Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds web site which launches this Friday with more game info, art and the premiere of the game trailer!

Allright boys and wookies the time is near to dish out galactic battlewhoopings :)

Imp v Reb BattleGrounds Demo this weekend Posted 10/23/2001 by Tango1 

To get ready for the soon to be released Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds.

The Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire will hold a scrimish battle, The Battle of Savannah, all this weekend.
Start: Friday 7pm EST Oct 26
End: Sunday 10pm EST Oct 28
IRC Room: #Battleground

Hope to see everyone out playing.

Defender versus Saber Posted 10/23/2001 by Tango1 

Today it was announce that the Saberwing challenge Defender wing to a good old fashion wing war :)
Admiral Starfire have posted on Alliance main board with the rules for the skirmish.
URL is http://forums.starfighters.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1741

The Skirmish will begin Sunday Nov 3rd around 7 Eastern Standard Time or after the Defender wing meeting. It will end at 12 p.m est time. Both wing have 5 hours of flying time. The games for this event will be XvT,XWA,BoP.

Good Luck to both Wing :)

XvT Week of War XXXX Starts today! Posted 10/19/2001 by Baal 

Thats right boys and girls the latest XvT is underway from 2pm EST Friday (Today) untill 05:00 AM EST, Fri October 26. So lets take the number 1 spot this time guys!

Also to let you guys know that XvT and BoP both work in Windows XP, so if you plan on upgrading to that dont worry about not being able to play these games :)

SWG Corellia article Posted 10/18/2001 by Mirax 

The designing of Corellia article is now up on the main SWG site. This article covers how the designers made the planet as well as screenshots from the planet...the article is located at:

JK Week of War XXIV Signups Now Open Posted 10/17/2001 by Baal 

JK Week of War XXIV will kick off on 2pm EST on Friday November 2nd and will be ending on Friday November the 9th at 5am EST.

So lets go get those sabers a flinging and bring home another award for LSF!

LSF Claims 6th Place in last JK WoW Posted 10/17/2001 by Baal 

Good job to all those who played, lets hope next WoW we can get 5th place or higher!

Star Wars Galaxies to be delayed Posted 10/15/2001 by Baal 

Saw this on theforce.net

Rarc Flask tells us that in a recent interview with GameSpot, Sony Online announced that the original tenative release date Q3 2002 for Star Wars Galaxies has been pushed back to Q4 2002.

Sony Online also said that several Star Wars Galaxies servers have recently been activated, and the Verant Interactive development team is currently able to go online with the game to test server performance and capacities. They also stated that, in terms of the game itself, the combat system has not been implemented yet.

SWG FAQ updates Posted 10/12/2001 by Mirax 

There have been several updates to the SWG FAQ..check them out at

Some Star Wars Quake News Posted 10/11/2001 by Baal 

The Star Wars Quake website has been updated with word that they are now accepting beta testers for this Quake 2 total conversion. Check out the site to find out how to apply.

Another update to the site features a new screenshot from the upcoming version 2.0, showing the bridge of RipVTide's latest DM map.

Galactic Battlegrounds Preview Posted 10/11/2001 by Baal 

PC.IGN's whipped up an updated preview of LucasArts' forthcoming Age of Empires engined real-time strategy game - Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds which you can find here.

Server size post on SWG Dev forums Posted 10/11/2001 by Mirax 

Hi everyone...

Q-3PO has posted a thread on the SWG Developer Forums on the size of the SWG servers..check it out here

LSF Welcomes new recruits! Posted 10/10/2001 by Ghent 

Id like to officially welcome LSF's new recruits into the league. Its been a while since we really went out and started to look for players who could keep up the honor and tradition of LSF. Its nice to see the flow of recruits now improving.

For all the rest of LSF, take the time to welcome these new players, and the new ones that we will get over the months to come, into LSF. They are now going to be part of this great and wonderful group. Lets treat them well. Feel free to help them out whenever they need it. Lets show them what the spirit of LSF is really about.

Admiral Ghent
Commanding Officer, LSF

New post on SWG Dev Forum Posted 10/8/2001 by Mirax 

Shug Ninx (Content Supervisor) has posted a thread on the SWG developer boards about how they selected planets for SWG. Check it out here

Path to Glory Campaign kicking up Posted 10/7/2001 by Baal 

JC from Saberwing has been working on a Balance of Power campaign for all Alliance members, it looks good. Check out the webpage for it here.

All Alliance members who wish to particpate should meet up in the #alliance irc room every Sunday at 9pm Eastern Standard time and for Europeans at 5pm Eastern Standard time.

Jedi Knight Week of War XXIII is On! Posted 10/7/2001 by Baal 

Jedi Knight Week of War XXIII is now on so grab your saber go on The Zone and kick some butt for LSF.

Also a reminder on the rules for the JK WoW

All matches MUST be played in rooms with a number greater than or equal to 31.
All 2x2 games to be 15 minutes.
All 1x1 games to be 8/8 format.

For the full listing of the rules for the JK WoW check here

The Alliance Army formed! Posted 10/7/2001 by Baal 

At the Alliance meeting Archangel announced the formation of the Alliance Army and that I will be head up by Wongtam.

Wongtam announced how the Army will be setup and this is how he is going to do it.

Wing = Regiment
Squadron = Battalion
Flight Group = Company

He also noted that the Army will not be wing based.

We all wish Wongtam good luck with the Army

BattleGrounds Posted 10/6/2001 by Wongtam 

The people at Intelgamer.com have come up with a little review of SW:Galactic Battleground. Read it here

Star Wars Galaxies Update Posted 10/6/2001 by Wongtam 

A couple of weeks ago, there was a debate on multi-factions PAs on the SWG Official Forums. It stirred a lot of discussion, the developpers at first wanted to have multi-factions PAs, (Rebels,Imperials,Criminals (and maybe undeclared) in the same Player Association). Yesterday they have come to a decision

They’re gone.
It really came down to continuity, rather than game mechanics (we had answers for all of that stuff, often based on details you don’t know about), and we talked about it at great length.

§ A declared PA cannot have members that are not similarly declared.
§ A PA with undeclared members cannot accept declared members.
§ If member status changes, they get automatically kicked from the PA.

That’s it, pretty straightforward, at least as far as it looks to you. (It’s somewhat more complicated on our side!).

We did decide not to put in any restrictions like that on grouping, because the PvP system and faction system seem to handle that sort of case already in a more organic way.

So there ya go!

-Raph Koster
Creative Director

Rebels with Rebels, Imperials with Imperials, Criminals with Criminals. Just the way I think it should be! ;P

Next, the Wookie Debate.

It began on the fact that the Devs announced in a public held held not long ago, that Wookies and every species would use an universal translator for others to be able to talk. As we know, Wookies understand basic, but do not talk it. There was a great debate here also on the continuity of that. If it fit the Star Wars Universe, or that continuity should have been bend to make the game work (better).
The devs listened to the people on the forums and revised their plans, here is what they decided: click here (there's too much)


Star Wars Starfighter for PC Announced Posted 10/5/2001 by Baal 

LucasArts Entertainment will release the flight action game Star Wars Starfighter for PC in the U.S. and Canada in January 2002. Originally available for PS2, the title engages players in a series of dramatic missions to save Naboo from the Trade Federation.

Star Wars Starfighter takes players on a journey that begins on Naboo and continues through the climactic assault on a Droid Control Ship. The single-player game offers the same features and scope as the original PS2 title. It takes full advantage of the graphic capabilities of the PC and features more than 20 3D starships in 14 environments set in air and space. Star Wars Starfighter for PC will require a 3D accelerator card.

A special edition version of Star Wars Starfighter also will be available for Xbox in the U.S. in November. Star Wars Starfighter is being adapted for PC and Xbox by San Francisco-based Secret Level. The PC version will release in other territories outside the U.S. and Canada in late 2001.

Star Wars Galaxies New FAQ plus new poll Posted 10/5/2001 by Wongtam 

FAQ Updates - October 5, 2001

6.50 Will we be able to resize windows, like the chat window?

Yes. Most windows and bars can be resized, moved around, and minimized.

The new poll is up. Having seen screenshots of all the player species, which one are you most inclined to play?

Star Wars Galaxies and midget Bothans Posted 10/4/2001 by Wongtam 

Yes, you heard me right! Click here to see the first group shoot of all the playable charaters in SWG. Nice postures, heights look good, though I didnt know the bothan were that small!

New Battlegrounds Preview at Gamespot Posted 10/3/2001 by Baal 

Spotted this on GalaticBattles.com

GameSpot is sporting a new preview of Galactic Battlegrounds which you can find here. Aside from the preview, GameSpot is going to feature two civilizations for the next few weeks. You can check out the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance now.

LSF placed 5th in XvT WoW and wins 37th BSC award! Posted 10/3/2001 by Ghent 

Due to the efforts of some of LSF's best players, LSF came out of the idleness to place 5th out of nearly 50 groups in this latest XvT WoW. I am quite impressed with the results and wish to thank all those who partisipated. I have awarded the newly created Admiral's Commendation award to the follow 7 pilots.

1 LSF_Aragorn 1,552,400 44 39/5
2 LSF_Sigi 1,072,960 21 19/2
3 LSF_Tango1 1,014,220 36 33/3
4 LSF_DocFortune 787,280 33 27/6
5 LSF_Ted 580,696 20 12/8 1.50
6 LSF_Avenger 483,810 13 10/3
7 LSF_Flake 427,986 16 13/3

Outstanding job!!

XWA WoW is currently on for one more day and JK/MOTS wow are set to begin soon.

-Admiral Ghent
Commanding Officer, LSF

Galactic Battlegrounds Demo Review Posted 10/3/2001 by Baal 

The people over at Houseospank.com have done a review of the just released Galactic Battlegrounds Demo the review is pretty favorable towards the demo. You can check out the review here.

Jedi Knight 2 Info Posted 10/3/2001 by Baal 

Was over at JediKnightII.net and noticed they posted a summary of the PCGamer November magazine preview of JK2.

- 60% of the levels will be indoor based while the other 40% are outdoor.
- Kyle will go through 3 "steps" of force power knowledge as opposed to the star system in Jedi Knight.
- Force Lightning can affect more than one enemy at a time.
- A new weapon is called the "flechette," which is described as a nailgun that fires small knives at high speeds.
- The lightsaber will be used as a tool to solve puzzles (cutting a cable suspending a bridge, etc).
- Bots will have very advanced AI. They can team up on you if you are fragging them too often among other features.

Reminder MotS WoW XIV and JK WoW XXIII Signups open Posted 10/3/2001 by Baal 

Calling all Jedi Knight players the next JK WoW is about to get started and signups are still open at BattleStats untill this Friday so don't forget to signup and play hard and have fun and lets get LSF 1st place!!

All you Mysteries of the Sith players the WoW signups are still open till Oct. 12th so sign up over at BattleStats so don't forget to signup and play hard and have fun and lets make it a clean sweep in JK for 1st place.

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Interview Posted 10/3/2001 by Baal 

HomeLAN has posted an interview with LucasArts’s Garry Gaber, talking about their upcoming strategy game, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds (you can also check out the recently released demo). They talk about LucasArts' goals in creating Galactic Battlegrounds, why they chose the Age of Empires engine, the units, the gameplay, and more.

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Update Posted 10/3/2001 by Baal 

Garry Gaber, Director of Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, stopped by at the GalacticBattles forums, talking about the recently released demo, and mentioning that they are in the last couple days of beta before entering the final Quality Assurance trials and on track for a pre-Thanksgiving November ship date. You can read it in this post.

Members Pictures now on the server Posted 10/3/2001 by Baal 

They can be located at Here I will have a link to them soon. If you want your pic to be added e-mail me.

Welcome to the LSF news page Posted 10/2/2001 by Baal 

Here we will post news reguarding League,Faction and news on the games we play in hopes to keep this league better informed on whats going on.