April 2002

The Jedi Knight 2 guide has been completed Posted 4/30/2002 by Lord Chief 

About 2 weeks ago I embarked upon a quest, a quest to write the best Jk2 guide of them all. Ive seen so many bad Jk2 guides around, even on renound sites like gamespot.com etc that I thought it was time to correct things. Many of these guides contain mistakes in terms of how gameplay issues are explained.

In my guide you will only find information that is 100% correct, as I have tested everything myself before putting a description of the move/power etc in the guide. The guide contains about 95% of everything you need to know to improve your performance ingame. It doesnt cover the levels in Jk2 as this would be completely poinless. You can easily understand the layout of a map simply by exploring them :)

Anyway, the JK2 guide can be found here:

Enjoy, improve yourselves and please post some replies to the topics about this on the various boards so that I know what you think about it!! Much obliged.

XvT WoW comes to an end :) Posted 4/26/2002 by Flake 

And the first thing I must make clear is that ADVERTISING SUCKED! I only found out WoW begun on thursdat at 5 PM EST. I got 4 solid games in, but would have liked way more...

Regardless, here's the breakdown...

LSF failed to place due to lack of qualifying players (2 of 3 only)

As for players, Biggs stole the show. With 37 games, only three losses and a solid K/D of 1.57, he made a mockerie of the rest of the participants from LSF.

Excellent show Biggs, and I'll be needing a wing next WoW. (Advertise!)

-Stick Jockey

Useful Freespace 2 news Posted 4/25/2002 by Flake 


Volition has released the source code for FreeSpace 2, which will hopefully allow for interesting modifications. Anyway, the download is in the 5MB range, so it shouldn't be a pain to get. You can discuss ideas for the shooter here at Volition Watch.

'here' being http://www.volitionwatch.com/vwbb/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=40

Freespace 2 is basically a fancier, better functionning XWA (we all know what a flop that was). It's about nine bucks and is a good candidate for a Total Conversion.


Week of Duels #1 Posted 4/14/2002 by Lord Chief 

well, LSF won the first Jedi Knight 2 Week of Duels at the zone so to all who played: I luv ya guys/girls!!

To all who didnt play: your souls shall forever be doomed as they wander around in the shadows of the netherworlds!!

Next war/tourney up is the quick and the dead tourney this weekend so sign up at the main LSF page!!!