March 2002

LSF Internal war results Posted 3/31/2002 by Lord Chief 

These scores are teh added scores of both the GL/Empire vs RA and GL vs Empire conflicts.

Side:Played:Won:Lost:Draw:Award (Empire only)
Seryl Cann6240Meritorious Service Distinction
Chief121002Battle Award 2
Cauley3030Meritorious Service Distinction
Scythe1010Meritorious Service Distinction
Avenger7430Battle Award 1
Lancelot5050Meritorious Service Distinction
Pedro5050Meritorious Service Distinction
Danny3030Meritorious Service Distinction
WaiShing1010Meritorious Service Distinction
Elladan1010Meritorious Service Distinction
Evil Ernie2020Meritorious Service Distinction
Knuckles1010Meritorious Service Distinction
Adair3030Meritorious Service Distinction
Mask1100Meritorious Service Distinction

Ghost Legion
Steel Talon181710

Update to Star Wars Galaxies FAQ Posted 3/30/2002 by SBR Grifter 

It's a holiday weekend, so I'm just going to cut right to the chase, no time for foreplay. As the title indicates, the infamous Frequently Asked Questions list has been update with another brain teaser and the oh so juicy answer. And since it's a small update, screw the link, it's all right here:

5.23 Can crafted items be repaired or recovered?

Yes, in the Engineering Discipline, there are skills for both repair and salvage. Items are composed of components and resources. When an item takes damage, some of the damage goes to the base item, and some of it goes to its components. . Base damage cannot be repaired, but damaged components can be replaced with new ones using the repair skill. If the weapon has taken significant base damage and the player no longer wishes to use it, they can attempt to recover some of the functional components by using the salvage skill. Salvaging renders the item useless but allows the player to attempt to recover one or more of its components.

LSF Dedicated JK2 Server now up Posted 3/30/2002 by Baal 

Most everybody should have heard by now, but here is the official announcement.

The LSF Dedicated JK2 Server is now LIVE @ port 28070. (Check #LSF for server password)

This is a 20 Player. Yes, I sent in the grand total of $864 to the great folks over at Ilan this afternoon and the server is ours for the next year.

So far the response on both the game and the server have been overwhelmingly positive, so enjoy it folks. A scheduling system and such will be forthcoming soon.

Also a writeup of server etiquette will be worked on detailing stuff like what exactly different game are and how one should act on the server.

For the next couple weeks the server will be in a pseudo beta test as we learn how to control it and such, so please be patient and bear with us. Much of this is trial and error as there are of course no docs out yet for JK2. Until the scheduling system is up and the pseudo beta test is over it will be primarily be used for open "walk-in" games. These are just for fun and practice people, they dont mean anything, so try not to take them too seriously. This is casual gaming, get used to it, hopefully it'll happen more. However, if any of the units wish to schedule a closed practice or match before the beta is over, come talk to me and we'll see what we can work out.

For you techies, here are the server stats:

The server is located in Boston, MA. The box is a dual 1.6 GHz AMD Athlon XP with 1.5 Gb of RAM. The connection to their Boston data center is dual OC-192 and Quad OC48. For all you non-technical people, thats insanely fast.

As always, any questions or comments feel free to drop me a message.



Jedi Knight 2 is OUT!!! Posted 3/29/2002 by Baal 

Check out your local software vendor and get yourself a copy of this kick ass game!

JK2 interview with Kenn Hoekstra from Raven Posted 3/19/2002 by Baal 

A nice interview with Kenn over at here is a bit of that interview.

Cheating/hacking was an area that became problematic in Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith as coders got to grips with the original coding. Have you implemented anything to restrict/prevent this in the new version?

Quake III: TA has pure server options and a host of other cheat protection in it and we’ve added a few new wrinkles ourselves. It’s not possible to eliminate cheating 100%, but we’ve done a goodly amount to help make Jedi Outcast as cheat resistant as possible.

A few reports have suggested that it will be possible to man vehicles in Jedi Knight 2, much like the critically acclaimed Tribes 2. Could you tell us if these reports were accurate?

I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations. You’ll have to play the full version and let me know. :)

LSF Radio! Posted 3/19/2002 by Flake 

LSF Radio is a hit! Peaking around the evening hours, LSF Radio gets approximately 10 to 12 listeners at its prime, and this is only it's first week of existence!

With broadcasting stretching from the classic rock Wraith Renegade Hour to the general discussions of current events, LSF Radio brings LSF to a whole new personnal level.

Connect to it at and enjoy :)

-DJ Menace

Large collection of new Starwars Galaxies screenshots Posted 3/19/2002 by Lord Chief 

A Belgian site I found had an enormous collection of new screenshots online, some of which really look amazing.

Just check it out:

New KoRn CD to debute on LSF Radio!!! Posted 3/17/2002 by SBR Grifter 

The first single, Here to Stay, off the new album, Untouchables, due out June 11th, has already been played on air, to some pretty positive reviews. Now, thanks to the diligence of gh0st, the whole album will be available for your listening pleasure and criticism tonight on lsf radio! Tune winamp to to hear lsf making history!

Update to SWG FAQ about types of damage Posted 3/15/2002 by SBR Grifter 

Verant has updated thier FAQ with a question about types of damage. Read on to learn.

7.22 How does damage work in SWG?

There are three kinds of damage that can affect a players stats in Star Wars Galaxies. They are as follows:

Normal Damage
Normal damage is the most common type of injury in the game. When a player takes normal damage it is applied to one or more of the three primary stats: health, action and mind. This damage is directly subtacted from the number of points currently available in the stat. Normal damage tends to heal rather quickly, based on the rate of the stat's "regeneration" attribute. For example, if a player's action is damaged for 10 points and they currently have 90, then their new action will be 80.

Wound Damage
Wounds occur when a player is significantly injured. Any of a player's nine attributes can be wounded. When a wound occurs, the amount of wound damage is subtracted from the maximum potential value of the attribute. For example, if a player's health pool normally has a maximum of 100, but they have a 12 point wound, their maximum health value will be decreased to 88 until the wound is healed. Wounds do not heal without intervention, but generally can be treated in the field with the right skills and equipment.

Shock Wound
Everytime a player recieves a wound, the amount of the wound is added to a tally called the "shock wound." The shock wound modifies how difficult it is for a normal wound to be cured. The larger the shock wound tally, the more difficult it is to heal any normal wound. Shock wounds require advanced skills and facilities to heal. This means that if a player recieves too many wounds in the field, they will have to find a healing facility for treatment because their wounds will become too difficult to heal "in the field."

Read the rest of the FAQ at

Q&A with Kenn Hoekstra of JK2 Posted 3/15/2002 by SBR Grifter 

Ok, there have been a crap load of these things already, but this one is note worthy cause of a little blurb about the degree of controll of the lightsaber. Here's a bit ripped right from the interview:

Judging by the intense and impressive released screens of various lightsaber battles, it looks like players will have a very large degree of control over both Kyle Katarn’s physical movement, as well as control over his lightsaber - are we correct to assume this? And can you explain a little about the mechanics of both, in taking part in lightsaber battles?

"Kyle’s lightsaber movements are directly tied to his physical movements themselves. From the most basic standpoint, the lightsaber has a primary swing attack and the alternate saber attack is the saber throw. From there, you factor in Kyle’s directional movement (front/back/left/right) as well as whether or not Kyle is crouching, jumping, walking, running or standing still. You also need to factor in other special movements (like flips and wall walking), combinations and which of the three saber fighting styles he’s using at the time. In addition to the physical, primary attacks, the saber has three levels of saber throw and three levels of defense for blocking shots/parrying saber attacks. Put it all together and you’ve got a massive number of lightsaber moves Kyle can perform. To give you a better idea of what I’m talking about, Kyle has about 500 animations for the lightsaber movements and attacks if you include all of the transition moves from one attack animation to another."

Cool stuff imho. Check out the full interview at

Oh, and for you particularly ignorant cusses out there, JK2 has just recently gone gold and will hit stores on March 29th. Dig it!

Modification concerning the length of the LSF war Posted 3/13/2002 by Lord Chief 

Due to the problems with the IRC server the current LSF internal war between the Galactic Empire and the Ghost Legion will be extended. It will now end on sunday the 24th of march!

Big, BIG guns in Galaxies!!!!! Posted 3/11/2002 by SBR Grifter 

REJOICE! WE'VE GOT BIG GUNS!!!! Now, for a 'gun nut' like me, a statement like that can cause catatonic states and the need for 20 year old well endowed nurses to wipe drool of our chins.

But, alas, it's nothing more than the latest FAQ update over at Star Wars Galaxies. And just when I thought the slow down in the news around here was making a turn for the better. Anyway, since it's such a small update, I'll just copy/paste the whole bloody thing right here:

10.18 Will we be able to build large scale, turbolaser sized guns?

Yes, there will be some large military installations available in the game, but they will require certain skill and faction pre-requisites to construct.

P.S. When I say well endowed nurses, I am refering to the female variety. So sorry RA, perhaps AFTER the, not even then.

Upcoming Empire vs Ghost Legion war Posted 3/5/2002 by Lord Chief 

Ghost Legion and the Galactic Empire will duke things out in the continuation of the LSF Internal war. This war lasts from march 8th to march 15th.


Should a game be posted and lack any of the required data it will be forfeited so plz make sure you check and doublecheck. Also, all people who played in the game posted have to post a reply to the message put on this special board. This board is only to be used for warrelated posts. All nonrelated topics will be deleted!

Title: Unpredictable outcome

Rules and settings:

The war is to take place from march 8th - march 15th

People can find each other on these server and channel:

channel: #outcome

Here are the rules for this war. Failure to comply to any of these rules will result in a forfeit of the game played.

- Any Star Wars based game is allowed to be played for this war (JK, XWA, XvT, Battlegrounds etc).

- JK games are to last for 15 minutes. Who will host and how this is done (personal IP or Zone) Ill leave up to the people playing. XvT/XWA game will last 5/5 or 10/10 minutes.

- Battlegrounds games cannot truly have a timelimit so they are played until a winner can be declared. However, sometimes it is possible that two players in Battlegrounds are evenly matched, in which case a draw could be agreed upon. Ill leave this to your own judgement.

- It is NOT permitted to play more than two games against the same person per day. Sologames and teamgames are NOT cumulative, so for example you can play GL_Daddy twice in singleplayer and play him twice when he has teamed up with a mate.

- One of the players participating posts a topic at this special board with the results. It should contain the following information:

a. Names and faction of the people playing
b. The number of kills, deaths and selfkills per player (for Battlegrounds the total number of points per player will suffice)
c. Declaration of the outcome: “The winner is Empire/Ghost Legion, The Empire/Ghost Legion gains 3 points”

The distribution of points when games are played:

- A won game will bring in 3 points, a draw 1 point, a lost game 0 points per game. So any won game will bring in 3 points per game, not per player!!

Example: A won 1vs1-game will bring in 3 points, and the same goes for a 4vs4-game.

- Games with an uneven amount of players on the various teams are NOT allowed and will be forfeited. So no 2vs1 etc games. Always, 1vs1 2vs2 etc

After the war has ended both Starhawk and myself will individually count points and email each other with the point totals so our final results can be compared. Once the scores have been found the same by both of us a winner can be declared and awards dealt out. The games played for this war will be added to those played for the previous Empire/GL vs RA war.

I wish you all the best of luck, have fun during the games and that the best may win.

Should you have any questions concerning the rules just post them under this topic, Ill check it from time to time. Only war related posts plz!!

Should there be any news during the conflict than it will be posted on LSFNN:

GBG WOW Posted 3/4/2002 by Tango1 

LSF will again be in the next Galatic battleground WOW (week of war) hosted by It start this friday and end the following friday. So March 8th to 15th. Good luck to LSFers in taking first place :)

Some nice infor about Starwars Galaxies Posted 3/2/2002 by Lord Chief 

It now appears that the engine used for Starwars Galaxies has been expanded. It can now also cope with multileveled buildings and allthough this seems rather trivial just imagine what this could mean for the bases etc you can build!!

Youll now actually be able to construct multileveled fortresses etc

Check out the topic here:

Some more screenshots of "Knights of the old Republic", highres this time Posted 3/1/2002 by Lord Chief 

At the EvilAvatar site a number of highres screenshots has been posted giving us somewhat more of an idea what the game will be like when it comes to the pc in 2003.