December 2001

XvT WoW Reviewed... Posted 12/31/2001 by Flake 

Good show on the part of LSF. Here is how it broke down...

LSF placed 8th overall.

Flake placed 40th overall.

In Tie Interceptors, Flake placed 7th overall, Barron 16th, Krytoss 17th, Kir Kanos 24th and Ghostlord 27th.

In X-Wings, Flake placed 6th overall, Biggs placed 8th and Docfortune 9th.

Firestorm Batallion (ironically) scored the most points with over three and a half million and 96 games. Bayonet squadron took second place.

IN player rankings, Flake took first place, Barron grabbed second, and Krytoos snatched third. Honorable mention goes to Biggs who placed 4th.

Excellent effort from the following:

Flake (46 games)
Barron (25 games)
Biggs (28 games)
Druid (22 games)
Ghostlord (24 games)
Krytoss (18 games)
KirKanos (20 games)
DocFortune (21 games)

-Stick Jockey

New JK2 Preview Posted 12/2/2001 by Baal 

Enjoy some JK2 goodness over at