November 2001

Knights of the Old Republic Update Posted 11/21/2001 by Baal 

GameSpot has word from a BioWare rep saying that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, their upcoming RPG that takes place 4,000 years before the Star Wars movies, is still on track for a 2002 release.

Jedi Knight II Chat Transcript Posted 11/21/2001 by Baal 

MGON has thetranscript from last night's Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast chat with LucasArts's Brett Tosti and Raven Software's Kevin Schilder and Steve Raffel. The qeustions deal with the multiplayer, the 3rd person perspective, saber duelling, the soundtrack, graphics, dismemberment features, mind trick, environment interaction, and more.

New Star Wars Galaxies Screenshots Posted 11/21/2001 by Baal 

The Daily Telefrag has posted a bunch of new screenshots and concept art images from LucasArts' upcoming massively multiplayer RPG, Star Wars Galaxies. Check them out here.

New Imperial Army CO Posted 11/18/2001 by Baal 

With my resignation from LSF, Barron has officaly been given the job of Surface Marshal the head of the Imperial Army. I know Barron will do a good job and I hope you all give him your full support.

Jedi Knight 2 Offical Site is Launched Posted 11/18/2001 by Baal 

LucasArts has opened the official website for their upcoming shooter, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. The site offers a FAQ, a development update, and ten new screenshots. It can be found a here.

Jedi Knight II Chat Posted 11/15/2001 by Baal 

The latest LucasArts newsletter mentions a Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast chat event, featuring Brett Tosti, Producer at LucasArts, as well as Kevin Schilder and Steve Raffel, Project Leaders at Raven Software. It will be held on Tuesday, November 20th from 6-7PM Pacific.

XvT WOW Start Friday Posted 11/13/2001 by Tango1 

A reminder that XvT WOW start this friday at 2 p.m est time and end next friday at 5 am est time. LSF is going for top 5 and maybe even 1st place.

Reports are coming in that even Admiral Ghent himself might come and join the war on the zone. :)

On more award to the pile...... Posted 11/11/2001 by Tango1 

After a great battle to get into the top 5 in JK WOW and after being at one point 9th place during the war. LSF fought back to fifth place finish just before the war ends.

LSF had many players to thanx for playing in this JK WOW but i really like to thank CrimsonFury for his great effort in getting 4th place overall himself in the whole war. Katana for pushing everyone to fight in this WOW also for fighting also and last I like thx is Jorax for his beautiful work in JK WOW for well... slaughtering!

On Battlestats LSF have 40 award which make us 2nd place in awards out of all the clan and league that are register on BSC. 3rd and 4th place clan have less then half of our award so LSF just slaugther them.Mots WOW started this Friday and i like to see more player try to get a few games in.

JK WOW Posted 11/4/2001 by Tango1 

JK WOW XXIV started this friday at 2 p.m est time.Last Starfighter have a great start which Katana leaded the charge from the Ghost Legion with the support of the rest of LSF behind her. LSF right now is in a nice 4th place behind RGF for the moment.

This JK WOW will end on the friday morning at 5 am est time. Good luck LSF and it's quest for first place.

Star Wars Galaxies Interesting Thread Posted 11/1/2001 by Wongtam 

There's an interesting thread about emoticons and how it should or not be included in the prose version of chat. Or if your character should smile with you type =) or look sad when do this =(.
Here's the thread :

Star Wars Galaxies New FAQ Posted 11/1/2001 by Wongtam 

FAQ Updates - October 26, 2001

6.57 Can I customize clothing?

Yes. There are skills in the game based on crafting clothing of various types and from different materials. On top of that, players are able to apply different colors to the materials.

From the Developer's Forum

5.20 How will enemies "respawn" after we kill them?

If you kill something, it generally doesn't respawn; something else spawns. It might be very similar to the last thing, but with possibly different stats, species, name, behavior, etc. There are special cases, like an Imperial base which may be able to spawn Stormtroopers until the base that is destroyed.

6.53 Will "item decay" occur if an item is not being used?

No, items decay when they are used, not when stored.

6.54 Will I be able to hide equipment I am carrying or wearing from casual inspection by others?

In some cases, yes, and if you wear clothes that can cover up those items.

6.55 Can we ransack houses and shops?

No. Houses and shops cannot be ransacked.

6.56 Can bounties be placed on anyone for any reason?

No. Bounties only go on those who earn them in one way or another.

8.17 Will I be able to communicate and interact with players who are part of factions opposite my own?

Yes, you can definitely converse and interact with them.