January 2002

GBG WAR! Posted 1/30/2002 by Flake 

This coming Friday, February 1st, is the start of the faction war between the Rebel Alliance, Ghost Legion and Imperials. The battle will start at 2 p.m EST time and it is held on LSF irc server (irc.holonet.org) room #GBG or on the zone. The battle will end the 8th at 2p.m est time. So you mostly have one week to play.

Report your match to LSFwar@wowmail.com with who played with and who won.

The pride of factions is at stake. Report to battle stations.


Empire/Ghost Legion vs Rebel Alliance war Posted 1/30/2002 by Lord Chief 

February 1st the Empire/GL vs RA war will start and last for two whole weeks. Get some games and dont let your faction down. Email results to jhoeboer@hotmail.com and sbr_ice@hotmail.com according to the rules described on all the main boards. Games can be found in #LSFWAR

All the details on how to post, play and all other rules will be posted tomorrow evening on all major boards of the factions etc.

XvT WoW Reviewed... Posted 1/26/2002 by Flake 

I suppose we're slowly getting back to full potential. Last XvT WoW had good participation from a good group, and this time we had good participation from a whole other group of individuals. Maybe next time we'll see everyone out there. Anywho, here is how it broke down...

LSF as a whole placed 6th place with the contribution of 9 players, losing to EH by about 2 and a half points.

LSF placed 3rd overall in T/I's as well as in X-Wings.

Flake placed 11th overall with 23 games, a K/D over 2.00 and a perfect record.

In T/I's, Flake placed second.

As for the League-wide break down, it is as follows...

Flake placed 1st in player ranking followed by Aragorn in 2nd and PeaceH making his comeback placing 3rd. Nite completed the rankings placing 4th.

Flake finished first in points with one and a quarter million points in 23 games. He also had the best game Win/Loss ratio with a flawless performance and the best player Win/Loss.

Aragorn was second in points with 613 thousand and 14 games.

Firestorm Batallion placed 1st with 35 games and over 1 and a half million points, Bayonet second with 30 games and just under 1 and a half million points. Twilight took the podium in third with 23 games and 811 thousand points.

Solid performances from:

Flake (23 games)
Aragorn (14 games)
PeaceH (11 games)
Nite (11 games)

That's all for now, let's warm up for next WoW and blow them away!

-Stick Jockey

More Jedi Knight 2 info Posted 1/25/2002 by Lord Chief 

Yes, the stream of data continues as Gamespot has posted a major preview of the sequel to Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight.

The info can be found here, enjoy :)


Yet MORE JK2 goodness....... Posted 1/23/2002 by SBR Grifter 

...or, how I learned to be a Lucas Arts/Raven pimp, your call on the title.

The important thing is that Game Spy has a new preview of JK2 out that covers most of the basics and even includes a few new nuggets of information that some of us might not have known, such as a list of the weapons available and some more insight on the multiplayer game types. It's a good read. Check it out at http://www.gamespy.com/previews/january02/jk2/


Oh, and I promise to eventually cover something other than JK2...just as soon as I find something worthy of my Lois Lane investigative abilities.

GBG WOW Posted 1/21/2002 by Tango1 

After a long week of battling over the zone, LSF finished 3rd place overall in GBG WOW hosted by www.battlestats.com Here are some of the fact about the war. LSF had 16 player played and together had 108 games. We had 6 LSF in the top 50:
9th Tango1 (Strike Force Blue)
15th Zoso (Horde)
23rd Punkin (WolfPack)
24th Mame (FireStorm)
28th Starbcuk (WolfPack)
29th LocoEse (Strike FOrce Blue)

Locoese had the most games for LSF with 23. Winter bash for Galactic Battleground started on last Sunday and LSF have 4 player register for this tournement. Good luck to all of them!

Q&A Session with Kenn Hoekstra on JK2 Posted 1/21/2002 by SBR Grifter 

CVG has a nice little question and answer session with the Raven developer on several things concerning JK2, including enemy AI (two different types), balancing the game for sabers and guns, mp game types, and some really interesting info on the saber combat system. Included is mention of three different fighting styles you can learn, with something like 8 different attacks for each style, combined with several different dodges and acrobatic attack moves. He even mentioned a 'lock on' system that will bind your blade to your opponents like in various scenes in the movies. Sounds good. Check it out at http://www.computerandvideogames.com/r/?domain=&feed=index&page=http://www.computerandvideogames.com/news/news_story.php?id=24212

Some info on the AI as used in JK2 Posted 1/21/2002 by Lord Chief 

I found some interesting info on a dutch gaming site. No need to give the URL because most of you dont speak dutch :)

Kenn Hoekstra, programmer involved in JK2, was interviewed recently and said some interesting things about the AI as seen in the game:

Kenn: Enemy AI has been a huge consideration. We've put a lot of work into both group AI and "Jedi" AI. The new group AI will help Stormtroopers behave like a squad. They will take cover, talk to each other, take orders from Imperial Officers, etc. The group has an overall morale that affects many aspects of both their individual AI (aim, whether to flee, etc.) and the group behaviour (whether to advance, outflank or fall back). It's a difficult process because, if you make them too smart, they don't really seem like Stormtroopers anymore. They still need to seem to have little regard for their own lives and they have to be pretty bad shots. So it's a difficult balance but, in the end, I think the Stormtrooper AI has turned out very well.

All in all pretty neat if I say so myself. If they manage to make the enemies appear as if they work together to a certain degree this could finally become a game that gives us back the feeling to really participate in an epic battle in the starwars universe.

Hey kiddies, more eye candy for you from JK2.... Posted 1/19/2002 by SBR Grifter 

You can tell the actual release is comming soon, because LA is really pimping this thing with updates to the screenshots section and FAQ every other day it seems.

Anyway, http://www.lucasarts.com/products/outcast/html/default.htm has been updated with about 4 or 5 new screenshots and a few updates to the FAQ (forgive the redundancy). Check 'em out. One shot is particularly cool, showing Kyle doing some kind of 'bonzai!' overhead cop on some badguys, with another shot showing an awesome level that looks something like Nar Shadda. Looks like the Q3:TA engine is going to be able to give us those massive levels we all remember so well. (insert witty remark here).

NEW JK2 WEBSITE!!! Posted 1/15/2002 by SBR Grifter 

Wow, two news worthy items for our little psycho universe in one day! I know kids, I'm scared too...

Anyway, LucasArts has launched a brand spanking new website for JK2, including an interesting little 'news scroller' at the bottom that might give a little hint at the plot of the game. More importantly (depending on your perspective), NEW SCREENSHOTS! These new nudies include an ultra cool level that looks VERY similar to the carbon freeze chamber on Bespin.


Trust me, this is worth checking out. Or don't trust me. Or trust no one. But you can always trust your mechanic. Or is that broker? Or maybe priest? I lose track of these things.

New info on Star Wars Galaxies PvP..... Posted 1/15/2002 by SBR Grifter 

Thanks to voodooextreme.com for thier heads up on this. Verant has updated thier info with a bit on the Player vs. Player aspect of SWG, including explaining breifly the difference between Truce, Safe, and Wild areas, as well as a bit on Battlefeilds. Also included is information on how you will know your enemy, and also consequences for 'killing' NPC's or players that are not already declared enemies, including Outcasting. Click http://starwarsgalaxies.station.sony.com/features/swg_manual/cha4.jsp
for the whole enchilada. Hmmm, enchiladas... Oh Mexico, what a wondersous place you are to bring me such scrumptious treats!

Galactic Library Now Open Posted 1/9/2002 by Tango1 

The Galactic Library is now fully operational again. A few stories are currently being put in the archives, but more submissions of stories and artwork are needed. Please send all submissions to katha@asmadi.net

You can now visit the Library at

~Grand Mistress Librarian Katha

Howdy folks. Grab a drink and get ready for gaming news courtesy of yours truly.. Posted 1/7/2002 by SBR Grifter 

First of all, I’d like to thank Tango1 for the opportunity to help provide my fellow lsfers with the very latest gaming info I could find in my semi conscious rumblings around the net. But enough about me, on with the news.

First of all, there are about 4 new screenshots for Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, the new Star Wars themed FPS from Lucas Arts being developed by Raven Software. You can check them out, as well as read the latest updates to the FAQ at http://www.lucasarts.com/products/outcast/default.htm

In addition to those screenshot, I found an interesting little tidbit while rummaging through George Lucas’s garbage, err, I mean the FAQ. All you wannabe modders and campaign designers take note. It appears that Raven is using Q3Radiant to build all their levels. While it is unknown at this time if this level editor will ship with the game, it can readily be found on the net. Further more, there are several good sites for learning how to use this tool. A simple search for ‘Q3Radiant will turn up a wealth of information, but for those that like to simply click and be done with it, you might try the following sites:




That’s it for now. Next time I’ll discuss the rumors of TIE Fighter 2, fact or fiction?

And remember, alcohol kills brain cells, but you’ve got plenty to spare don’t ya?

XWA WoW Review... Posted 1/4/2002 by Flake 

XWA is night and day compared to XvT, and LSF performance shows this. Here's how it broke down...

LSF failed to place, due to lack of games required.

Biggs placed 35th overall.

Biggs placed 3rd overall in X-Wings.

For LSF standings, Biggs was the only player to rank.

Biggs scored most points with 45,000 in 12 games, and Flake came in second.

XWA WoW was an all Biggs show. Congrats Biggs.

-Stick Jockey