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Treatise: The Balance of the Force

As many of you have heard before, in balance is the Force. On either side of the Force are the Dark and the Light sides. The Dark Side, is a tempting and easy path to follow. It provides an individual with immediate satisfaction. However, it is a trap - a trap that is not always easy to escape.

Whereas the Light Side, though difficult to master, provides greater rewards. In addition, by staying true to the light side, one can gain insight, and wisdom - all of which are great powers within themselves.

Now the words above may sound rather trivial at first without some sort of example. Rather than use specific examples, I will attempt to explain the downfalls of the Dark Side and the benefits of the Light Side in a more down to earth manner.

Consider the words of Master Yoda:

Fear is the path to the Dark Side.
Fear leads to anger,
Anger leads to hate,
Hate leads to suffering.

One most first resolve or acknowledge any and all inner conflicts in order to truly understand these words. For every time you begin to fear something - most likely you fear something you do not understand. When you do not understand, you most likely will feel anger. Anger - is an immediate emotional response to a situation, but if gone unchecked, leads to the long lasting feeling of hate.

Hate, will make an individual lash out in anyway possible to gain power. However, hate is not productive, because it is not rational and does not lead to understanding. The suffering can be both internal and external, in the sense that you may suffer because of not understanding your actions, and that others suffer from the actions you are unable to control. Though you may gain power through hate - you may find that you suffer in the long run. Because you suffer - it is an even longer and more difficult path to the Light Side if you choose to go that route.

Now consider these words:

Sow a thought - reap an action.
Sow an action - reap a habit.
Sow a habit - reap a character.
Sow a character - reap a destiny.

These words can be directly related to either side of the Force. But the words can be mostly attributed to the Light Side of the Force. If you think of the Light Side as if you are farming, then the words may have more meaning.

With farming you must constantly tend to the needs of the plants and animals - nurturing them along in order to reap the rewards of the harvest. It basically implies we need to do our homework instead of trying to "work the system". If we put in the time and effort up front, instead of trying to find the easy way out, we will find things work better in the long run. It is also a reference to planning, and taking the long view. Thus with the Light Side you must have constant vigilance and thinking with the end in mind.

Remember, for every time you have a rational controlled thought - you in turn create a controlled action. These rational controlled actions create habits that build upon themselves. Habits are powerful forces in our lives. They can hold us back, or keep us on course. They are consistent and unconscious patterns that allow us to express our character and produce our effectiveness - or our ineffectiveness. The habits over time form character - which guides you to your final destination - hopefully to that of the Light Side..

By allowing someone with Dark Side tendencies to affect you - in turn draws you into their inner conflict. Consider whether or not another individual's inner conflict is yours as well. Remember as you enter into battle to clear yourself of inner conflict. By doing so - you are able to remain focused on adversaries.