Jedi Code

Force Skills

  • Control is the ability to focus a Jedi's Force skills. With it, a Jedi learns to master the functions of the body.

    Through this discipline, a Jedi can heal what is injured and mend what is broken.

    Control can sustain the body when starved or warm it when cold.

    With time, control allows a Jedi to restore harmony -perfect balance- inside his or her own body.

  • Sense is the opposite of control. Sense skills help Jedi touch the Force in objects and beings beyond themselves.

    Master Yoda says it is important to feel the bonds that connect all things - the rocks, the animals, the trees, the stars.

    Everything in the universe is connected through the invisible threads of the Force.

  • Alter skills allow a Jedi to employ the Force to create illusions and to move objects. It can even be used to change the perceptions of others - and for mind control.

    These Jedi skills must not be abused.

    One must always remember that a Jedi uses his or her power for good.

  • The greatest Jedi battle skill of all is the art of fighting without fighting.

  • Jedi battle meditation is a powerful technique used to influence the outcome of a battle by visualizing the desired result.