Jedi Code

The Four Pillars
by: Kagenboushi Gen

We are Jedi Knights. As Jedi, we aspire to a humble existence. In situations that require combatative engagement we utilize the lightsaber and the light-side of the Force, to the degree dictated by the situation.

Consider the following:

  • 1st: You must know your weaknesses. Until they are sought and understood, you cannot guide yourself true. This is the path to inner strength.
  • 2nd: You must evaluate the pain of others before you can identify or control your own. Always evaluate your opponent's actions and you will find resolution.
  • 3rd: You must set and maintain your values. Consider deeply the things that are worthwhile in life.
  • 4th: Always must you think with the end in mind. Remember any action undertaken may have lasting repercussions. Therefore in conflict, stay focussed or walk away.

    The Foundation: Seek First To understand, Then To Be Understood.

    Please be advised that this is not a strict set of rules, but general guidelines by which we live.
    The spirit of the code is the important point to follow. Read between the lines.

    This also manifests itself in the following values that we constantly strive to uphold:

  • Integrity, compassion, honesty, responsibility and knowledge.
  • Treating individuals and groups with respect, irrespective of thier leanings.
  • Helping others in any way without being taken advantage of.
  • Refraining from innapropriate, foul, offensive or suggestive language or actions. Playing games with fairness, honesty and honor.

    Go In Peace

    -Kageboushi Gen
    Council Member of Jedi Knight: Cynosure