Author's Note: This is a bit of a compilation of short bios that I've had over the years, combined with a few new things...enjoy.

- Phredrick "Ghost" GhostHunter, March 6th, 2002

The Definitive Phredrick "Ghost" GhostHunter Bio

NOTE: BE=Before Endor

204 years BE
A nearly-dead mercenary drifts in a lifeless ship through Wild Space and is discovered by a Chiss defense force at the edge of the Unknown Regions. The mercenary is taken back to the Chiss homeworld and nursed back to health over a period of several years by the wife of the commander of the defense force, Melth’raw’nuruada.

203 years BE
The commander of the defense force that discovered the mercenary and Melth’raw’nuruada’s husband, is killed during a Ssi Ruuk attack. Shortly after, Melth’raw’nuruada discovers that she is with child.

202 years BE
Metth’raw’nurago is born. The mercenary, now recovered, falls in love with Melth’raw’nuruada and wishes to be the boy’s father. At the end of the year, Melth’raw’nuruada agrees to become his wife.

199 years BE
Melth’raw’nuruada and the mercenary face extensive persecution because of their union. Melth’raw’nuruada discovers she is with child by this union and attempts to keep it a secret.

198 years BE
Melth’raw’nuruada gives birth to a boy with a human appearance. His parents name the boy Phredrick. However, a nurse present at the birth circulates the news that the union has produced a crossbred child, something members of Chiss society consider to be blasphemous. A mob forms and after a bloody battle the 2 boys are orphaned. Metth’raw’nurago is found alone after the battle and introduced into another Chiss family. Phredrick is taken by a sympathetic nurse and never found, he is assumed to have burned in the blaze that erupted in the home after the battle. Phredrick is placed into hiding.

194 years BE
At the age of 4, Phredrick undergoes surgery to assume the appearance of a Chiss and assumes the name of Nath’phe’miruodu. He becomes a street urchin and vows to discover the details of his past.

190 years BE
"Nath’phe’miruodu” is recruited by the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force at the age of 8 and begins attending school.

185 years BE
At the age of 13, “Nath’phe’miruodu”s instructors notice his proficiency with space combat tactics in wargame simulations and he is transferred to the naval academy.

183 years BE
At the age of 15, “Nath’phe’miruodu” graduates from the Chiss Naval Academy and begins to rise quickly through the ranks.

180 years BE
During one of his first command assignments, “Nath’phe’miruodu” learns of a Ssi Ruuk intelligence outpost and, against Chiss law, initiates a pre-emptive strike to wipe out the intelligence outpost. During the later investigation it is discovered that “Nath’phe’miruodu” has been surgically altered. His true identity is discovered but he is told nothing about his parents except that his father was a mercenary and human. Phredrick is court marshaled for hundreds of counts of murder and deceit and found guilty. He is sentenced to a life sentence on the most dangerous and highest security prison planet in the Unknown Regions, Eral. Metth’raw’nurago never learns of his half brother’s fate. Phredrick vows to bury his Chiss heritage forever and be human.

172 years BE
Metth’raw’nurago is married.

165 years BE
Phredrick, after being hardened both physically and emotionally, becomes one of the most feared and evil individuals on Eral. He leads the criminals in a daring revolt and manages to steal a shuttle and escape. After using his skills as a pilot to elude the authorities, he lands on the deserted rocky planet known as Ithsalus. After securing and concealing the shuttle, he seeks shelter in a network of caves. After falling asleep, he is absorbed into a vein of silvery metal that runs throughout the network of caves. The metal gains consciousness and models itself after the pure evil within Phredrick. The metal forms into silvery spiders and would later become the species known as the Ithsal. Phredrick remained suspended within the vein of metal while the Ithsal reproduced and began to inhabit the network of caves and later the entire planet.

163 years BE
The Ithsal overrun much of the Unknown Regions, but are held at bay by the Chiss and several other inhabitants.

150 years BE
Metth’raw’nurago’s wife gives birth to his son, Lanth’raw’nral.

126 years BE
Lanth’raw’nral is married.

103 years BE
Metth’raw’nurago and his wife are killed in an Ithsal raid, Lanth’raw’nral joins the Defense Force as a result, his wife does not approve of this decision which creates tension in their marriage.

76 years BE
Lanth’raw’nral’s wife gives birth to Mitth’raw’nuruodo.

48 years BE
Mitth’raw’nuruodo joins the Chiss Defense Force.

37 years BE
The Outbound Flight project is approved by the senate and launched commanded by Jorus C’boath. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine orders an Imperial task force to destroy the project in the Unknown Regions. A Chiss defense force commanded by Mitth’raw’nuruodo utterly destroys all but one of the Imperial ships after they trespassed on Chiss space. The single Imperial ship was left alive to explain their incursion and to bring the Chiss message back to Palpatine. However, the commander of that ship, Doriana, managed to convince Mitth’raw’nuruodo of the glory of the Empire and the need to destroy the Jedi. This resulted in Mitth’raw’nuruodo, otherwise known as Thrawn, intercepting and destroying the outbound flight project when it entered the Unknown Regions. This taught Thrawn the value of the pre-emptive attack, despite the fact that Chiss considered it to be akin to murder and a high crime. After a particularly bloody incident that followed Thrawn was stripped of his rank, and exiled to an uninhabited planet near Imperial space. After Doriana returned to Palpatine with the message, Palpatine orders Captain Voss Parck to seek Thrawn and bring him to the Empire.

25 years BE
Phredrick awakens from his suspension unaware of his part in the creation of the Ithsal and mystified by their presence and the passage of time, as well as his gray eyes being replaced with the same shifting quicksilver of the vein of metal and the Ithsal. He manages to steal an Ithsal shuttle and escape Ithsalus. He travels to the core and strives to find his place in a galaxy riddled with turmoil. He uses his crack skills as a pilot and a slicer to join the Crimson Scythe Mercenary Guild and make a good living while establishing a name for himself. His comrades, noticing his lack of a last name, begin calling him GhostHunter because of his search for his past, this would stick as Phredrick’s surname. During his time as a mercenary, Phredrick also earned the callsign “Ghost” because he seemed un-killable.

10 years BE
Captain Voss Parck discovers Thrawn in his exile and convinces him to travel to Coruscant and serve Palpatine. Thrawn enters private schooling on Coruscant.

4 years BE
Thrawn completes his schooling and is quickly promoted to Captain to begin his fast rise through the ranks in the Imperial Navy, Phredrick learns of a Chiss officer in the navy and opts not to enter into Imperial service for fear of his heritage being discovered. The Death Star is destroyed.

3 years BE
Thrawn becomes the “guardian” of the Noghri on Honoghr which leads to his promotion to Vice Admiral and Thrawn’s assistance in developing the Missle Gunboat. Thrawn oversaw an outpost in the Pakuuni System where he defended Palpatine against the treachery of Zaarin. This earned him a promotion to full Admiral and a post under Ysanne Isard.

2 years BE
Thrawn is secretly promoted to Grand Admiral. The Ithsal overrun outer Chiss colonies and Thrawn becomes involved on the wrong side of a public debate against Palpatine and is “exiled” to the Unknown Regions. Thrawn is fed Imperial supplies and support by Palpatine to hold the Ithsal, Ssi Ruuk, and other dangers at bay in the Unknown Regions.

1 year BE
Battle of Hoth takes place.

0 Endor
The 2nd Death Star is destroyed and Palpatine is killed.

After a several years of turmoil in the Empire and the galaxy, a man named Stryker would become Emperor and the Empire would regain strength. The Rebel Alliance consolidated itself further and the galaxy became split nearly in 2. Factions such as the Black Sun Dominion, Katana Fleet, The Crime Syndicate, and Ghost Legion would exist in neutral areas and feed off of both the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. A few years after Stryker’s elevation to Emperor, while Phredrick and his comrades were away completing a job, much of the Crimson Scythe Mercenary Guild’s families were wiped out in a surprise Rebel Alliance strike to clear the area of pirates for an Alliance base. When Phredrick and his comrades returned in the VSD Black Sun the Rebels ran to hyperspace, but the damage was done. This act awakened a lot in Phredrick that had remained dormant since his awakening. Shortly after, Ghost, Chains, Sylin, Scorpion, and several other members of CSM joined the Empire to help destroy the Rebel Alliance and seek revenge for their families. They were all assigned to the elite Rapier squadron and given ranks in the Imperial Navy. As members of Rapier Squadron, they continually led the charge deep into the heart of the Rebel Alliance with victory after victory for the Empire. While most remained pilots and later retired as pilots, Ghost was elevated through the ranks to eventually assume command of the entire Imperial Navy with the rank of Grand Admiral. As Grand Admiral he led the Imperial Navy without defeat through multiple campaigns against the Rebel Alliance, destroying even the feared Rogue Squadron multiple times. Later, when Stryker decided it was time to step down, Phredrick was elevated to replace him.

As Emperor, Phredrick used the resources at his disposal to finally discover the truth about his past. He sent emissaries to make contact with the Chiss and re-established contact with Thrawn. He soon learned that Thrawn was actually his great-nephew and was overjoyed at the news. Shortly thereafter the Ithsal managed to overrun the entire Unknown Regions despite Thrawn’s leadership. Through a final message from Thrawn, Phredrick learned of his utter defeat by the Ithsal and the complete destruction of the Unknown Region civilizations. He also learned that according to Thrawn the Ithsal seemed unaware of the existence of the core or anything else beyond Wild Space. As a result, Phredrick issued a decree that the Unknown Regions were to be quarantined and either destroyed or buried all the information regarding Thrawn and the Ithsal deep in the Imperial databanks. Phredrick never truly believed that the Ithsal had completely defeated Thrawn. As a result, he began secretly training a naval officer named Ripper to succeed him as Emperor. When Ripper was ready, Phredrick left instructions for Ripper and seemingly disappeared from the galaxy altogether.

During Phredrick’s time as Emperor, he secretly maintained a variety of command centers throughout the Empire and abroad. After his disappearing act, he returned to the main one in Mount Tantiss on Wayland. This particular data center he had inherited from Emperor Palpatine and, due to the capabilities of the location, Phredrick had chosen it as his primary base of operations. He set about rigging a cloning system that rivaled the one he found here designed for Palpatine. He then took his Tie Defender into the Unknown Regions in search of Thrawn while constantly transmitting back to Wayland. After months of searching, he discovered that Thrawn indeed was still alive and leading a small band of resistance on the outer rim of the Unknown Regions. They were engaged in geurilla warfare against the Ithsal trying to keep their attention away from Wild Space and the possibility of discovering the Galaxy Proper. However, before Phredrick was able to reach Thrawn, he was discovered by an Ithsal fleet and destroyed.

Many years later back in Mount Tantiss on Wayland, the counter on the cloning cylinders finally reached 0, and Phredrick ‘Ghost’ GhostHunter was reborn. The data center taught him of his life and death. He spent many months learning about how the galaxy had changed. Several Emperors had come and gone and the Empire had fallen even further from grace. To make matters worse, intelligence reported that The Ghost Legion was moving into the Unknown Regions. During the time of his death, borders had shifted and the Empire no longer controlled the entire stretch of Wild Space, his decree seemed to have been lost as Emperors came and went. As the situation developed, The Empire and the Rebel Alliance both followed the Ghost Legion into the Unknown Regions. Knowing that disastor awaited them, Phredrick left his command center to seek out Thrawn once again.

The Galaxy did meet the Ithsal in short order, and the Ithsal devastated all sides. Ghost Legion and the Empire quickly joined forces against the threat, followed later by a shaky treaty with the Alliance. Phredrick’s own former flagship the SSD Supremecy was captured by the Ithsal along with most of the Imperial and Rebel fleets. However, the shaky treaty between the factions was enough to stall the Ithsal advance into the core. Phredrick found Thrawn on the rim, and brought him back to eventually lead the combined fleets of the Empire, Rebel Alliance, and Ghost Legion in a costly victory against the Ithsal threat. In the final battle, Thrawn was killed as the Ithsal destroyed his Star Destroyer. After the battle, the treaty between the factions almost instantly collapsed and Phredrick once again retreated to solitude to mourn for the loss of his great-nephew, Mitth’raw’nuruodo. Quiksilver eyes closed in darkness, and the future is uncertain.