The Rogue Clone

Part 4

Three Days Later, on board the SSD Dark Veil

'Welcome back sir' an officer saluted to Eagle2
Eagle2 saluted back, nervous
Would these people see him for the fraud that he was?
No, they wouldn't, and he must keep his thoughts clear or one of the Sith would feel his internal struggle between right and wrong.
Yes, what he was doing is right.
Imperial High command had slipped up and it was time for a change.
But they couldn't exactly replace everyone, so Falcon had come up with an idea that would save them all.
Eagle2 was here on a 2 day mission, during this time he had to get DNA samples of key Imperial High Command Members.
They were going to clone them.
Then they would tactically one by one replace them, taking out the original and replacing him with the clone without anyone noticing their absence.
The Hawk clone was being grown now, and the Chinano clone was due to finish this day.
Falcon was back at the temple, waiting.
They could not fail, the Empire depended on them.

Eagle2 had been on the Dark Veil for a day already, and had collected Deadeye and Stryker's Samples.
He was on his way to Aero's office right now for a breifing on the CN vs. GW battle.
'Greetings Morpheus' Hawk said, passing him in the hall
'Hi Hawkypoo, how are ya?' Eagle2 said in a casual voice.
'I'm alright, you?' Hawk replied
'I'm ok'
'Hey, whats the big secret on Nacihom?' Hawk asked
Eagle2 perked up. Hawk was on to him!
'What do you mean'
'Oh we all know your planning to take over the Empire out there, you watch your back a certain CO might get jealous' Of course this was meant sarcastically, but Eagle2 took it seriously
'What do you mean, Hawk?'
'Pfft, what do you take me for a fool?'
'What we are doing is for the good of the Empire, be quiet and you won't be hurt' Eagle2 said swiftly, walking to Aero's office.

'Huh?' Hawk said, realizing that Morpheus was mad
'Theres something wrong here,' Hawk probed Morpheus' mind.
'There is something really wrong here.'
Hawk picked up his comlink 'WOLF, I need to see you at once'

WOLF met Hawk in his office
'Yes Captain?' Wolf said
'Whens the last time you talked to Morpheus' Hawk asked
'I haven't talked to him since he got back, why do you ask?' WOLF said in his strange accent
'Go talk to him, after you do, report directly to me on what kind of sense you got about him, I have a bad feeling that his visit to Nacihom was not as profitable as he makes it out to be.
'Yes, sir' WOLF said
'Dismissed, Lt.Cmdr'
WOLF walked out of the room, and Hawk pondered this recent problem.
Since becoming Alpha Wing CO, Hawk had shyed away from the teachings of the Sith and his Ground-pounding, now for once he wished he had the same control over the force as some of his co-workers, it would be really useful in this situation.
'I'll have to get Deadeye to help me on this mind reading thing' Hawk made a note to himself, and picked up a datacard containing Dark Raven Squadron's roster and report.

WOLF walked out of Hawk's office, puzzled, there was something wrong with both of his friends, and he wanted to know what.
So he went to find Morpheus right away.

Hawk received a comlink call 'Captain' WOLF said
'WOLF, do you have a report' Hawk asked
'Yes, I do, but I would like to see you in person, right away'
'Where are you?' Hawk asked
'My office'
'I'll be there in fifteen minutes'

WOLF's office was on the other side of the Command level, so it took a good while to get over there.
But when Hawk arrived, he walked into WOLF's IFC Command office to find WOLF gazing out the window at the stars.
'WOLF' Hawk said
WOLF turned around immediately, 'Greetings Captain'
'I suppose you have news for me?'
'Yes, I do' WOLF said 'And I'm afraid it isn't good'
'Go on,' Hawk said, taking a seat in front of WOLF's Glass desk.
'I talked to him' WOLF Said
'Hawk, that isn't Morpheus' WOLF said
Hawk was perplexed 'Are you sure'
'Of course I'm sure, I know my best friend'
'He didn't even know what Grey Squadron was' WOLF finished
'Really.' Hawk said to himself
Hawk got up, and began to walk twords the door 'Thank you Lt.Cmdr'
'What do you plan to do, Hawk' WOLF asked as Hawk walked twords the door
'I'll let you know when I figure it out.'

'Allright, I'll see you later Morpheus' Aeropagitica said to Morpheus as he walked out the door
Eagle2 walked out the door, Aero's office was on the Command Level, not far from WOLF's. He went swiftly by a few people in the hall, and was about to pass WOLF's office when he noticed Hawk coming out of the door, he kept going , trying to Avoid Hawk.

Hawk noticed him walk by, but he didn't want to talk, he wanted to follow

The fake Morpheus went straight to the Docking bay and had the 'Icefire' prepared for liftoff.
Hawk watched him as he sent a message to GdA Aeropagitica and Moff Hellsfury informing them that he was leaving for 2 days. Hawk found a computer terminal and sent a message to Naf, informing him that he was going to Nacihom on a special mission and that Naf should discreetly run AW while he was away.
Hawk then snuck onto the 'Icefire' and hid in the Passenger compartment.
An Hour later Morpheus had gotten them into hyperspace, Hawk immediately got some Ration bars and hid in the large closet in the back of the passenger compartment.

The next two days were long and tiring, but they finally made it out of hyperspace near the Nacihom system.

Eagle2 guided the YT-2000 out of hyperspace. Nacihom was about an hour away, and he could see the Planet in the distance now. He kicked the sublights to full and sat back, closing his eyes. He slipped off into a light sleep.
'Proximity Alert.' The Warning Called out to Eagle2
He awoke startled, looking at the crono first, realizing he had been asleep for 20 minutes.
'Proximity Alert,' The warning came out again.

Eagle2 cut the warning and turned to the craft twoards the object that the Targeting Computer was so interested in.
The Wedge Shape was unmistakable and Eagle2's blood turned cold.
There was a Victory Star Destroyer in Orbit around Nacihom.
'Oh Shit' Eagle2 said. As the tractor beam began to pull them in.

There was a long jerk and then a hum.
Hawk woke up with a start, he knew that sound from all the landings he had done in the old style TIE Fighters.
A tractor beam.

20 minutes later the tractor beam released and Hawk could notice that they were docked, the engines were down and someone was getting out of the ship.
Hawk pulled out of the closet as soft as possible.

'Greetings Hawk' Morpheus's deeper, unmistakable voice said
Hawk turned around with a start
'Morpheus.' Hawk greeted his friend
'Who was that' Hawk said, gesturing twords the gangplank
'A clone, like me. You are aboard a Victory Star Destroyer, the 'Inquistor''
'A VSD eh, how'd you pull that one off.' Hawk said inquisitivly
'I didn't' Morpheus said, walking out the door, motioning for Hawk to follow
They walked through the white decks of the Old VSD twords the command level.

Morpheus opened a door