The Rogue Clone

Part 3

'Your overconfidence is your weakness' Morpheus told Falcon later that day
'I've heard that one before' He replied
'It is true, you will never overcome it until you mature over it'
'You need to grow up' Morpheus finished
'Yes, I do.' Falcon said with a sad tone.
They were walking through the halls of the temple, heading twords Morpheus's chambers.
Morpheus opened the door and walked through
'What the?' He began to say
A wave of cold came over him as he lost all sense of the force
'Yarlsalami' He said, turning around
Falcon was smiling.
'You nieve old man' He said with a grin
Morpheus lunged twords Falcon, but he did not notice Eagle2 come up from behind with his saber hilt ready. Morpheus hit the ground with a thud
'Good job, Eagle2' Falcon said
'Chain him up next to Neo' he finished
Eagle2 did so, but in the process he took Morpheus' s robes and his lightsaber.
'Hurry, we don't have any time to waste'

An hour later, Eagle2 was dressed in Morpheus' Sith Robes with his rank showing plainly.
They were on the 'Icefire' going over its systems and Morpheus's responsibilities back in the Empire.
'How do I look' Eagle2 asked Falcon
'Now, you have 3 days to collect the samples and get back.'
'What will you do with Morpheus and Neo' Eagle2 asked
Falcon looked at Eagle2
'First of all, You, are Morpheus now' He said, pointing at Eagle2
'Secondly, I will take care of them' Falcon said with an evil grin.
'Ok, I'd better be going' Eagle2 replied
'Good luck, and may the force be with you'