The Rogue Clone

Part 2

The Icefire dropped out of hyperspace, showing the full view of the planet Nacihom. It was a sight Morpheus wished Eagle was here to see.

Morpheus called Neo's Personal Comlink
'I'm coming in Neo, make sure theirs room enough for the 'Icefire'
'Theres plenty of room' Came a strange voice
Morpheus was startled 'Identify yourself' he said sternly, making his voice deep and gruff.
'I am but a clone, one just like you, Morpheus' the voice said
The voice was surprisingly familiar
'You mean to tell me you don't know your own voice' Neo broke into the conversatoin, laughing
Morpheus laughed 'allright you got me, I'm coming in'

The Icefire had already entered the atmosphere and was heading twords the temple.
The dry, sandy air washed up against the YT-2000 transport,
'I'm definatly going to have to get this thing painted,' Morpheus made a note to himself

The Landing was uneventful, Neo was there to greet him, with Falcon by his side.
To the left were the old ships, a z-95, a TIE Interceptor and an Xwing Fighter parked in it, the 4th spot being taken up by the Icefire, to the right Morpheus saw several unused hangar bays, with dust on their controls from non-use.
'Greetings Neo, Falcon.' Morpheus said, shaking their hands.
'Greetings Morpheus, welcome home' Neo said with a smile
'Always good to be here,' Morpheus replied, walking twords the temple doors

An hour later, Neo had finished showing Morpheus the new Temple chambers where everyone slept, and the renovated throne room in the front of the temple itself.
They walked to the main control room, which had been upgraded with newer, faster computers, and monitering systems for the whole planet and several other key sectors of interest to the group.
In the main monitering chair sat a man slightly smaller than Morpheus, he was keying something into the main computer.
'Is that him' Morpheus asked
As if to answer Morpheus's question, Eagle2 arose from his seat and walked up to Morpheus, he shook his hand
'Nice to finally meet you, Morpheus' He said
'Likewise, I'm sure' Morpheus answered
'Ok Neo, lets see what he can do'

'You ready?' Morpheus asked Eagle2 as he put on his jumpsuit.
'Yes, I am' He said

Morpheus now watched Eagle2 in a square room, with padded walls, 50 feet high. And a pane of unbreakable, blaster proof transparisteel that you could look through while you were watching a fight.
Eagle2 was inside, warming up with his Yellow Lightsaber.
'Ok, send a droid after him' Morpheus said to Neo. Neo keyed the control panel and a droid with several blasters came out of an entrance in the wall.
It began to fire 2 blasters at Eagle2, he easily deflected
'As you can see, he is very reflexive, his grasp of the force is nothing special, but he is more agile than any of the other attempted clones. He can jump higher and run faster than any normal man I have ever met.' Neo said
'Interesting' Morpheus said, watching Eagle2 deflect the now 4 blaster bolts, then 6.'

'This is pointless' Morpheus said after an hour
'His fighting skills are adequate against the non living, good against remotes is one thing, good against the living, that's another' Morpheus added with a smile
'Falcon, would you please do the honors' Neo asked
Falcon was the usually quiet clone of the Late DeathKnight. But when he saw the chance to fight and prove his worthyness to his friends he seized it.
'With pleasure' He said evily
Falcon drew his Blue hilted lightsaber, and walked into the fight room.
'Ok, this should be interesting.' Morpheus said
Falcon ignited his Lightsaber, the dark blue blade challenging Eagle2's yellow blade.
They began to spar, Falcon attacked first, overconfident and eager to impress his friends.
Eagle2 saw Falcons Weakness, he backed up as if he was in retreat, and backed right up to the wall.
Then he struck, a powerful blow that sent vibrations through Falcon's whole body. He had to use all of his strength just to hold on to his shaking lightsaber. Eagle2 then jumped, and with the force flipped in midair
He landed behind Falcon and had his lightsaber at ready.
Morpheus hit the speaker 'That's enough Eagle2'
'Allright' He replied, shutting down his yellow blade with confidence.
'Good fight, Eagle2' Falcon admitted, closing his blue blade down
'Yes, good fight'