The Rogue Clone

Part 1


Greetings Morpheus,

I have a guest here who would like to see you, The New Clone woke up this morning.

And We have a possible new enemy, the SilverKnight has returned from the dead.

Please come as soon as possible, I will be on the lookout for you.


Morpheus sat back in his chair, Sith Robes falling with his shoulders

'So, the clone is ready'

'Yes, it is' Hawk answered
Morpheus hadn't even noticed Hawk walk in through the open door.
'Greetings my friend' Morpheus rose to greet the Alpha Wing CO

'I trust all is well on Nacihom' Hawk asked
'Quite' Morpheus answered

The Next day, Morpheus and his XO, Colonel Chinano were walking down the corridor on the 'Dark Veil'

'So you think they can handle the company eh?' Chin asked
'Yes, I do.' Morpheus answered
'Kast and Cauley will be sufficient while you and I take some shore leave'
'No Shore leave for me, just R&R around the sector' Chinano answered
'So you won't be needing an aCO for ZS?' Morpheus replied
'No, I can handle it'
'So be it'
'Have a good time on Nacihom, my friend' Chinano said as he turned to enter his office
'And say hi to whatever it is your building for me' He winked as he walked through the door

'Puzzling,' Morpheus thought. This man was indeed as smart as Eagle had thought him.

'Prepare the 'Icefire'" he called into his comlink

'Right away sir' The crewman responded

Hawk stood in the doorway as Morpheus packed some more essentials
Morpheus turned around 'Captain just doesn't sound right'
'It'll grow on you, Commander' Hawk answered
'I should only hope' Morpheus answered in all seriousness, it was always the general belief that Hawk would get Alpha Wing CO, but realizing that that day had com and gone made him feel surprisingly old.

'Keep an eye on Kast and Cauley for me' Morpheus said
'I will, Hey you know what would have been interestin, I could have stayed your XO for Wolf Company and then I would have a total monopoly on the Amsector in the whole 5 weeks you'll be on leave' Hawk said with an evil grin.
'Yes, what a concept' Morpheus walked past him twords the corridor, ready to get on his way

Veil Control I am ready for launch' Morpheus said into the 'Icefire's comm

'Have a good vacation sir, your clear to depart'

With that, the Icefire shot out of the Veil's main hangers, Morpheus put the sublights at full power, turning through the fleet, he saw the two TAU Training frigates on his right, the ISD2 Punisher on his left, with a skeleton crew…. Noone would miss it, right?
'Hmm, wonder if Naf would mind' He said to himself

'Don't even think about it buddy' Came the speaker
'Damn' Morpheus said to himself

'Came to see you off, my last run on the training frig anyway' Naf replied
'What?' Morpheus asked
'I'm resigning as TAU CO, it's 2 men for 1 show' Naf answered
'Ahh, I understand' Morpheus replied

'See you later buddy, keep in touch maybe we'll meet up somewhere, I could use some leave myself'
'Watch Grey for me Naf'
'You know I will'

Morpheus pulled the hyperspace lever, the stars turned to starlines and he rocketed off twords the Nacihom System.