The One Who is Many

Coredja Dylos raised his arms as he proceeded to the second stage of his meditation. Worlds of unknown origin, strange colours and shapes rushed before his closed eyes.

He had meditated many times, after DLoS Shadowknight had convinced him that this was a good way to focus his mind, but never before had he witnessed these phenomena. He concentrated even more and suddenly a solid shape started to emerge from his vision. A shape that was terrifying aswell as intruiging at the same time, a shape he had never seen before.

As he approached the shape, its contours started to become more and more clear. It was a building of immense proportions, more then just a Sith-temple such as those allready discovered at several locations throughout the galaxy. A shiver ran down Coredja's spine: Was this just a mere illusion or did something or someone tried to send him a message, guide him to a certain location?

He decided to pay special attention to the location and any landmarks, so that he might be able to find the site if it really existed in the true world. The huge buidling, which looked more like a miniature city, was situated at the top of a hill. From the vergetation and the shapes of the hills it almost looked like Dromund Kaas, where several Sith Temples had allready been discovered.

But that was impossible. Dromund Kaas had been completely mapped with the most modern equipment the Empire had at its disposal and not a single stone had been left unturned. How could it be that this huge building had been missed? Suddenly he felt that cloaking technology was the only viable explanation. Those fools of Imperial scientists had never scanned for cloaked structures. In their arrogance they had assumed that the Sith had never posessed such advanced technology. But had the Sith not always exceeded the expectations of their abilities? Had they not always proven to be resourcefull and inventive?

Then his eye remained focused at a small stone in front of the huge stairs of the building. And allthough the stone carried a type of inscriptions he had never witnessed before, something or someone gave him the abilty to read these words:

"Only those strong enough can enter and survive the challenges that lay ahead. Only the One strong enough of mind and body can surpass his limitations and reach for a higher level of conscious."

Suddenly the vision was gone, his eyes saw nothing more then darkness. The colors and shapes had faded away but the memories were still there. Coredja innerly thanked his photographic memory, partially the consequence of the numerous implants he had received a long time ago in order to stay alive. They would make it easy for him to find the exact site of the complex.

Dylos got up on his feet, ordered his droid to bring along his lightsaber and only the most necessary equipment and headed towards the hangarbay of the ISDII "Maelstrom". He briefly inspected his T/D, he was proud of this craft that had served him so well for many years and would certainly continue to do so in years to come.

He had affectionately named it "Defender of the Empire" , referring to his background as a TIE pilot when he fought at the Emperor's side against the treachery of Harkov and Zaarin. He monitored all his equipment being loaded in the small cargocompartment, and strapped himself into the cockpit. The twin ion engines started to propel the craft forward, and, as soon as it was far away enough from the ISD, Coredja plotted a course and initiated the hyperdrive.

After a steady 2 hour flight, he reached Dromund Kaas and started a slow descent into the planets dense atmosphere. He programmed the flightcomputer with all the data he remembered from his vision, and initiated the optic cameras. Within 15 minutes the sensors and cameras of the craft had found a location that had all the desired specifications. Coredja landed his craft as close to it as possible and started to unload the small amount of equipment he had ordered to be transferred in the cargospace of his T/D. He attached his lightsaber to his belt and ordered the ships computer to continually scan the surrounding area for any possible threats. He then turned towards the place where the Sith complex was supposedly situated, and started to walk in its direction. Allthough obviously he could not see the structure itself, he could feel the powerful field surround him. He reached out his hand and touched the surface of the building, and felt its warmth allthough it was raining and the outside temperature was no more than 14 degrees Celsius. He thoroughly investigated the outside of the building in search of an entrance of any kind, there were none that he was able to detect. Then he remembered the advice from his mentor Shadowknight: "If all else fails, meditate to focus and clear your mind".

Dylos sat down, closed his eyes and emptied his mind. He could feel a surge of energy rush through his head, setting his thoughts on fire, and saw himself making certain gestures while saying several words in a language he had never heard before. With a shock he came back to the real world: "Someone or something is definitively trying to guide me".

He stood up and started to repeatedly make the gestures he had seen in his vision, while at the same time saying the strange words. After 3 times, he saw a surge of electricty come out of nowhere and strike at the position where he knew the Sith structure was situated. Within a matter of seconds the huge building decloaked, after which a gigantic door slowly opened without making a single sound. The curves of the door were carved so perfecly that they had not left even the smallest seams in the wall.

"An impressive show of architectural ability", Dylos thought, in great admiration of such design.

He slowly walked inside and heard the door close behind him.

As he slowly walked down the huge hallway that lead away from the door, he could feel a draft coming his way and had to lean against a wall to stay on his feet due to the vibrations that increased by the second . It was as if something big had gone out of control and was headed his way. Suddenly a huge rock fell from a hole in the ceiling and started rolling down the hallway. Coredja instictively pulled his saber and cut through one of the dozens of pillars that supported the ceiling.

The pillar fell, blocking the rock in its path, causing clouds of dust to be thrown high into the air. Climbing over the rubble Cordeja could see the end of the hallway. There was a large stone door guarded by two statues of approximately 3m tall each. He moved towards the door cautiously, taking all precautions not to spring any more traps. As he reached for the enormous doorknob, he heard a sudden hissing sound and saw the eyes of the statues turn to red. In a split second he jumped backwards, just in time evading a blow from the dual lightsabers that both statues were now weilding. He pulled his saber and for a moment was intruiged by these two stone monstrosities simply stepping from their pedestals and moving towards him. Then he regained his senses and focused on the opponent that was the closest to him.

He evaded a first blow, deflected a second and third blow and then retaliated with a fast slash to its head, followed by a 360 degree spin causing the statue to fall in 5 pieces to the floor. He immediately turned towards the second opponent who had tried to sneak upon him from behind one of the many pillars. He ducked the first blow from its lightsaber, jumped forward and dealt a blow at the feet of the statue, severing one of its legs just above the knee. The statue, suddenly finding itself out of balance, loudly crashed to the floor. Coredja smiled at the pitiful piece of stone that no longer posed a threat and was continually trying to stand up, failing every single time. He reached for the door but before he even touched it, the huge panels started to move without making a single sound.

The doors revealed an immense room, the ceiling alone was at least a hundred meters high up in the air. Some of the ancient paintings and tapestries showed Sith Lords and battles from times long gone. Coredja moved towards what seemed to be some sort of an altar, and saw a book lying on the stone table positioned centrally in this sacred place. Before he was able to reach for it, a cold wind blew through the dome and a anomalie appeared in front of him.

"Well done young one, you are the 8th person to find this place aswell as surviving the dangers it houses. Since you have proven to be receptive to the visions that I have sent to you and since you were able to find this place I gift you with the knowledge, experience and abilities of the 7 Sith Lords who achieved this feat before you. From now on, whenever you are in need of assistance, call for the spirits of these 7 Sith Lords who will then temporarily reside in your body, supporting you in battle or any other situation where help is needed."

With these words, the entity made a swift movement with his hand, causing lightning from all sides to strike at Dylos. The surge of these powers flowing through his body was overwhelming and nearly knocked him of his feet. He could sense the presence of the 7 others. He remembered places he had never visited, thoughts he had never thought and people he had never met. It was too much to comprehend in such a short time, he would need days to fully explore his new abilities, skills and knowledge.

The entity had disappeared and the room was as empty as it had been as before the event. Coredja picked up the book, which appeared to contain the biographies of the 7 other Sith Lords and walked back to his T/D. As soon as all equipment was stashed into the cargospace, he climbed aboard and initiated the engines. Leaving the planets atmosphere he plotted a course back to the ISDII Maelstrom, meanwhile thinking of all the things he had seen. It would take years for Imperial scientists to uncover any more secrets that were buried in the complex he had uncovered.

"Well guys, lets go home. Suddenly he couldnt resist smiling, the words had slipped from his mind before he even realised he was indeed not alone allthough noone else was present."

He activated the hyperspacedrive and enjoyed the bumpy ride home.