I am a former Marine, now a visual effects lighting and compositing artist having graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design. I worked as an intern and as a Lighter/Lookdev artist at Digital Domain on Speed Racer. After graduation I worked as a Stereoscopic Compositing artist at In Three, learning and developing stereoscopic techniques on two feature film projects as well as work on the 3D conversion of the Technicolor logo used in theaters. I then worked at Rhythm and Hues Studios on two more shows.

I love what I do, work hard, and am always looking for a challenge.

I am currently fighting in the Clone Wars as a Lighting and Compositing TD at Lucasfilm Animaton.



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Student Animation



Trailer Shot - Lighting. Used with permission




Publicity still from Night at the Museum 2. Giant Octopus - Lighting


Speed Racer shots - Lighting and Look Development




Flight Lessons - Savannah College of Art and Design


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Flight Lessons is an animated short by Neil Helm. He and I became fast friends due to our mutual love of aviation. I really liked where he was going with this project and wanted to be in on it. I was originally brought on as the lighter for the project, only to find out it was bigger than myself or Neil thought. Although we got look and color finalized, the light rig ready, and 2 out of the 17 shots lit, it still needed work.

After returning from my internship at Digital Domain several months later, I went back to this project full force and became the Visual Effects Supervisor with the self imposed task of 'getting it done' by the end of the quarter when we were due to graduate. I would allow Neil to finish doing what he does best, animating, and I would handle lighting and compositing and crew management. I helped build a team of exceptional artists and we managed to finish the project on schedule and made it look great. I did 5 of the shots myself, and helped with the compositing portion on several others. Some are shown below, and the rest on my reel. Since this project ended, Neil has gone on to become an animator at Pixar.


shot1 shot1
shot1 shot1